About Us

The Nurturing & Caring Environment For Your Child

At West Hills Preschool & Afterschool we provide a full-day and half-day, year round care for children in a loving, stimulating and safe environment. We believe that no child care center can be too beautiful for a child and that the learning environment has a tremendous impact on the development of the young brain.

We strive to create a communal atmosphere in which each child is respected as an individual. Your child’s day at West Hills Preschool & Afterschool is educational. It’s social. And it’s highly energetic.


Beyond their development and education, your child’s safety and security are our top priority. And communication is essential. Our devoted staff ensures that children in our care have access to the highest quality of childhood education anywhere.

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Creative Activities

From sensory stimulation to art, we immerse your child in a variety of innovative activities and play.

Social Development

Let your child learn the building blocks of social interaction by playing and learning with their peers.

Sports & Playing

We offer lots of supervised indoor and outdoor play, including enrichment sports classes for our older students.

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