What happens in a typical day? Take a look at what life at West Hills Preschool will be like for your child.

Dedicated To Education

With our fun school activities for kids and attentive care, learning becomes an interesting and enjoyable exercise, help developing your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.


We are using an abundance of caution in our daily activities to protect both of our students and staff from COVID-19. We take the temperature of every child and adult when they arrive and leave. Additionally, we are learning outdoors whenever the weather permits, and all adults wear masks. You can read more about all of our new protocols HERE.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, class size is limited to 5-10 children per classroom. Our 1:12 preschool ratio provides your child with plenty of one-on-one attention while still learning how to succeed in a group setting. Each teacher will get to know your child’s personality and tailor their teaching style get the best results from every student.


We make sure to present a well-rounded curriculum that sets your child up for kindergarten success. We offer age-appropriate academic lessons, followed with sensory activities and art. When your children are ready to go beyond the preschool years, they will have a sturdy foundation of academics and socialization.

Daily Activities

At West Hills Preschool, we make sure every day is filled with fun, adventure and academics. We incorporate music and movement, math and science and reading. Our circle time is a magical selection of stories and songs. We offer breakfast, lunch and snack, as well as nap time for those who need it.

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The Nurturing & Caring Environment For Your Child

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