COVID-19 Update

West Hills Preschool & Afterschool is open and operating under strict protocols to ensure the ultimate safety of our staff and students.

While some of these practices are new, we are still able to provide the essence of our programs, and give your children the nurturing and positive experience they need. All of our curriculum remains unchanged, we just have a few new safety rules to go along with it!

We are in compliance with the Department of Health and the Department of Child and Social Services and their new guidelines.

What Does the Classroom Look Like?

We are bringing our learning outdoors as weather permits and are following all social distancing guidelines.

  • Class size is now only 5-10 students (this allows for more one-on-one interaction too!)
  • Siblings will be together
  • Staff stays with their assigned classroom only
  • Students will have the same assigned mat seating for circle time
  • Individual learning is emphasized, and furniture and play spaces will maintain separation of 6-feet
  • Toys will be disinfected daily and separated into “clean” and “used” bins

What's New with Our Staff?

Our staff will adhere to strict training procedures provided by the Department of Health and the Department of Child and Social Services, including:

  • Temperatures are taken upon entering and leaving our campus
  • Masks are worn at all times
  • Every 30 minutes, staff will break to thoroughly wash hands

Drop-Off and Pick Up Changes

  • No adults allowed inside the classrooms. We will greet your little one and walk them inside safely
  • All adults must wear masks
  • Please bring your own pen to sign your child in and out
  • No more than 2 adults are allowed for drop-off and pick-up

Nap Time

  • All mats will be placed 6 ft apart
  • Each child has a labeled mat that stays with them the entire day
  • Mats are disinfected after each use
  • Heads will be in alternating position for naps
  • Each child will have their own linens and they will not be shared
  • Pacifiers will be washed each day

How are We Staying Clean?

  • All toys, materials and surfaces are disinfected every 30 minutes
  • All toys remain in one classroom for the entire day
  • No outside toys permitted
  • Sink and toilet handles will be disinfected after each use
  • Students and staff wash hands every 30 minutes
  • Snacks and lunch are prepared by the same staff member and we will only use paper utensils and plates
  • Students will be spaced out at lunch and snack time

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, and we are doing everything possible to provide a safe and secure environment for your children.

Everyone is adjusting to our new normal and we will continue to nurture your child and help them navigate this transition. Remember, children are incredibly resilient. We will all get through this time together, as a community!

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